The final episode of this first run of #StartupStories went up last week. What I love about entrepreneurs, which really comes through in this episode ("The Life"), is the passion with which they attack everything they do. There’s no such thing as “balance" here, because that’s not the point. The point, for folks like these, is to change the world, one invention or idea or technology or product at a time. For them, work is life, life is work, and that’s not a bad thing, because they absolutely love what they do. It’s been a fun ride overseeing production of this series and getting to know these thinkers and doers and makers of the NYC tech scenes. Take a look …


Episode 5 — our latest installment — of #StartupStories is live!

“The Life” is all about the joy, the struggles, the passion and the triumphs that come with the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride — all told through anecdotes, insights and wisdom earned from the down-and-dirty experiences of the people who are out there building businesses right now.

(Featuring folks from TechStars, Shelby.TV, Union Square Ventures, foursquare, Warby Parker, OKCupid, bitly, Proclivity, Of a Kind, SocialFlow, SideTour, betaworks and hackNY. Produced by HD MADE.)