"The Money," our fourth #StartupStories episode went live last night after NYTM played a nice preview clip at their June meetup. The unexpected insight I gained during the making of this episode was hearing from so many entrepreneurs that even if people offer you money, you might not want to take it. Or, put slightly differently, that getting the highest dollar investment might not be the best goal — sometimes the most valuable part of the VC-founder relationship is the advice and mentorship that an investor brings to the table. Food for thought for any relationship, really: Good people are hard to find, in business and in life, so their value is … invaluable. 


Episode 4 of our #StartupStories series with members of the NYTM community debuted at last night’s meetup. In it, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists take you inside the fundraising process, answering key questions: Do you need to raise capital? If you do, how do you convince angel investors and VCs to give it to you? And if they offer you money, how much should you take? (You’d be surprised how many say that more is not always better … and that sometimes, money isn’t the best thing an investor brings to a partnership.) Insight comes from OKCupid, Of A Kind, Artsicle, Warby Parker, Union Square Ventures, TechStars, Birchbox and betawors. Produced by HD MADE. See the whole series here.