Collaborations: Ghostwriting & Partnerships

I don't do a lot of ghostwriting, but every so often I meet someone with fantastic ideas whose 'voice' jives with mine, and who just needs a little help getting those ideas down on paper, polished up, and out to the world. When that happens, I am pleased to work with thought leaders in a ghostwriting or collaborative capacity.

For me, the win is the chance to interact with and learn from someone who knows a lot more about a subject than I do, or to learn about organizations, technologies, ideas or innovations to which I wouldn't otherwise be exposed or have access. For my collaborators, the short-term win is finally getting those ideas published.

In the best cases, over the long term these collaborations can become mini-content strategy partnerships, where an executive may initially think s/he needs a blog or a white paper, but in actual fact has many stories to tell, potentially in varied forms (videos, event concepts, speeches, op-eds … even books). But perhaps that individual simply never had a partner to brainstorm with — someone who can  take those unformed thoughts and develop them into fully-baked content. 

If this sounds like you, I'd love to talk more about what you're trying to accomplish, and how I can help.