Content Strategy

These days, "content strategy" is an overused term — seems everyone's a strategist and everyone's in the content business. So what's different if you work with me? *  



My skills and background lie at the intersection of management consulting and journalism. As such, I approach every project with a reporter’s eye, a strategist’s mind and a storyteller’s heart. I know that every person and every organization has a story -- usually a multitude of stories -- to tell. My goal is to embed myself and my team in your organization to identify and surface the ideas, themes, perspectives and expertise that you already possess. Then, to put on an editor’s and strategist’s hat and tackle the puzzle of crafting great content from those building blocks, all in service of your business goals.

I believe very strongly in beginning with business goals, then identifying storytelling opportunities, then -- and only then -- determining what form (written? visual? video? live event?) and platform (app? mobile web? magazine? book? television? YouTube? Snapchat? I could go on forever here … ) is right for you.

I can't emphasize that point enough: You first have to know why  you're creating content. What business purpose can you achieve by putting time, energy and resources into content creation? And then you have to have something to say that people truly care about hearing. Guiding you through a business-sensitive and creatively-inspired process to answer those questions, develop those stories, and produce the high quality content that people respond to is where I can help.  



The wide range of industries I’ve both consulted for and covered as a journalist have taught me not to limit my influences to any single industry or media platform. As a result, my recommendations draw on storytelling approaches and engagement strategies from the worlds of sports, politics, tech, entertainment, retail and philanthropy; and they have resulted in newly-launched websites, apps and video series, and in redesigned magazines, newsletters, events and more.

To learn more about the mechanics of how I develop content strategies with my clients and execute content for them, please tell me a little bit more about yourself and your project. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you about how we can work together. 


* Note: These days my consulting business is on hold. I returned to ESPN in mid-2014 to become Editor in Chief of espnW and put these approaches to work full-time. In 2016, I added Editor in Chief responsibilities for ESPN The Magazine to my role. But I leave this page up because it's the truest statement of how I approach my job every day, and it still feels relevant, whether I'm doing this work for ESPN or anyone else. If you landed here because you were thinking of reaching out about a project, please feel free to still do so. I enjoy smart conversations about content strategy. And I have many colleagues and peers whom I would happily recommend once I understand a bit more about what you're looking for.