Pitching Stories     

I'm really picky about the stories I work on. I'm looking for people, organizations, ideas and technologies that are game changers; folks who are challenging our bedrock assumptions -- and their own -- about business or life as usual. It's a tall order.

(I also love sports -- training, gadgets, great athlete stories, you name it. I mostly edit in the sports world, but if and when I find a great way to write about sports, believe me, I will.)

As such, please don't send me generic story pitches. When I receive form emails that look like they've been blasted out to every journalist under the sun, I generally delete them. If you take the time to consider my past work and stated interests, I promise I will take the time to get back to you (full disclosure: it may take awhile, and I won't be mad at you if you follow up -- my inbox sometimes does a great imitation of a giant black hole). If you send me a great idea that I'm not able to write myself, I will often refer you to editor or writer colleagues who I think could do a great job with your story.

Note: I do occasionally take on collaborations and/or ghostwriting work. If that's what you're interested in, please give this page a read.