Made in New York and #StartupStories

A video project for NASDAQ, NY Tech Meetup and the City of New York

This is one of my all-time favorite projects. Digital agency HD MADE brought me on board to develop and executive produce a "Made in New York" PSA video for New York Tech Meetup and NASDAQ, showcasing the city's vibrant tech startup community. Once Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg agreed to film an intro to the piece, the project took off, and we screened the video at a "Made in New York" party at SXSW2012. We gathered so much fantastic footage from the interviews we'd conducted with NY's entrepreneurs and venture capital community that we produced a 5-episode follow-up series called #StartupStories.

A year later, the NYC EDC came back and asked if we could produce a couple of follow-up videos profiling companies that had launched thanks to the City's "Make It Here" campaign. Finally, City Hall asked if we could update the original PSA, with a more current message from the Mayor to welcome startup and established companies alike to the Big Apple.

I was thrilled to pull together talented shooters, editors and producers for this project, including AgentNINE21, Ian Park, and Footlick Media Group. The videos for all four projects are below -- enjoy!